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For you and your viewers.

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Desktop support

See your overlays directly on (and above) your desktop. Pin them above other windows, or let them float around.

Built-in VFX

Use any of our built-in WebGL Visual Effects (VFX) to modify your overlays. Heck, you can even let chat control 'em.


Between your favorite browser, your stream encoder, and our desktop app, you can run overlays just about anywhere.

Simple development

Each overlay is a React component. If you can write software, you can write overlays. The customization options are endless.


What you'd expect, and more


Visualize follower, subscription, and donation notifications.

Audio Support

Create overlays that react to your system audio.

Camera Support

Create overlays that use your camera feeds in new and creative ways.

Quick layouts

Easily create and manage different overlay layouts.

Inside OBS

Load your overlays from OBS, or any broadcasting tool that supports web content.


Run overlays right on your desktop - so both you and the viewers can see and interact with them.


Free during early access.
$5.00 at launch.

Because sometimes things that are expensive, are worse.

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